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The alumni association IMMOEBS is the largest professional network in the German real estate industry with over 2,800 members, serving as the established alumni association for IREBS graduates. Regional events, in particular, provide ideal opportunities for further discussions among colleagues. IMMOEBS actively promotes and embraces lifelong learning through diverse expert lectures, excursions, and site visits. Facilitating continuous exchange between academia and industry is a central focus for IMMOEBS, creating an exclusive value beyond graduation to boost your career.

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Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS)

The prestigious Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS), based in London, is internationally recognized as the most renowned professional association for real estate professionals with over 134,000 qualified members across 146 countries. RICS sets standards for education, professional development, and ethical practices through its mandatory Code of Conduct.

Through the longstanding partnership with IREBS Executive Education, many dedicated professional members (MRICS) and fellows (FRICS) have emerged within RICS Germany. Graduates of IREBS programmes such as the Real Estate Economics part-time programme and the Master of Science in Real Estate are eligible to become MRICS qualified. The Chartered Surveyor designation ensures a decisive competitive advantage in an increasingly global market and offers valuable networking and career advancement opportunities.

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IREBS Core – Community Of Real Estate e. V.

IREBS Core is the student initiative at the IREBS Institute. Its members include both current students and graduates of the Bachelor's and Master's programmes in Real Estate Management at the University of Regensburg. A key objective of the association is to sustainably support the student community beyond their studies and establish and maintain connections with professional practice.

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Frauen in der Immobilienwirtschaft e. V.

The association "Frauen in der Immobilienwirtschaft e.V." was established in 2000 and maintains a presence at eight key locations across Germany. It operates with regional leadership teams in Berlin, Dresden, Frankfurt am Main, Hamburg, Munich, Münster, Rheinland, and Stuttgart. The primary goal of the association is to enhance the representation of women in leadership positions within the real estate industry and offer a prominent platform for advocacy.

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Student advisory services
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